Villa Marianna

Villa Marianna is an ideal destination for a family with kids, but also a group of friends or couples looking for a combination of privacy, countryside relaxation and yet to be very close to all the famous tourist destinations of western Crete.

The house, 200spm in size, was built with much care of the owner, who throughout the construction looked at every detail and used local materials and techniques friendly to the environment.


Villa consists of two spacious floors and a totally separate, fully equipped hostel on the ground floor, which with a different entrance from the main house provides extra privacy and can be very convenient for many groups of guests.

On the first floor there is a fully equipped kitchen, a big living room with a comfortable sofa in earthy colors, a classic dining table besides the fireplace and a small bathroom. With many windows and balcony doors the floor is extremely sunny throughout the day.

Marble stairs lead to the second floor where there are three inclined, wooden ceiling bedrooms, each one with its own big side to side closet, and each one with separate balcony with uninterrupted view of Apokoronas area. Two of the rooms have a double size bed while the third has two single beds. All bedrooms are equipped with air conditioning units. On the same floor there is the main spacious bathroom with Jacuzzi and a cloth washing machine.
The house on the ground floor is a lovely low-roof hostel with one bedroom, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and a living room with direct access to the amazing gardens of the villa. The bedroom has a double size bed, big closet and it is air-conditioned.

Also on the ground floor, beside the hostel, there is a private space serving as a gym for personal training upon request.


The exterior of the villa is a unique place, offering various spots for rejuvenating and relaxing moments throughout the day and night.

The back yard is planted with fruit trees and vegetables, all available to villa’s guests, while the front garden is covered with lawn, small trees and stone decorated corners full of local herbs, cactus and flowers.

The big 50sqm pool, with a depth from 0.5m to 1.9m is situated on the side of the house offering complete privacy and endless hours of rest and joy for the big and small ones.

The huge one of its kind traditional barbeque is built exclusively with local stones and for the design the owner followed in every detail the old way of construction. Right next to barbeque there is a stone-build waterfall ending to a small fish lake covered with water lilies.

With an amazing night lighting the spot creates enthusiasm and completes the unique exterior of the villa.

At the entrance of the front yard there is a comfortable private parking space for 3 cars.

Environment protection

Villa was built with care to adapt into the local environment and for this local materials like stones and wood were used in the construction.
We are trying constantly to use equipment and techniques in order to decrease our environmental footprint with.

Some indicative techniques –equipment installed targeting the protection of the environment:

1) double glazed windows for energy saving

2) double glazed windows for energy saving

3) All indoor and outdoor lamps are energy saving

4) outdoor lighting operates with timer

5) automatic watering of gardens

6) solar panels for hot water

7) organic farming of vegetables and fruit trees

8) We encourage visitors by labeling and providing a manual we prepared ourselves, to contribute so we can minimize villa’s environmental footprint during their stay.

If you have never driven in Greece before, you might find the following webpage handy: Driving in Crete (explorecrete.com). Before you start, remember to reset the car’s trip meter to zero.

Drive safe and enjoy the landscape!

Coordinates (google map)  35.361802   –  24.263144


Drive towards the exit of the airport and after 700m follow the exit to Chania and turn left. At the first turnaround after 2.5km keep right and again follow the sign to Chania. After 4.5km at the second turnaround follow the exit to Souda and drive all the way to Souda port without exiting at any point. As you drive downwards to the port you can enjoy on your left a panoramic view of Souda bay. At the first lights you find (INKA super market on your right hand) turn right and drive for about 200meters. Keep left as you approach a big crossroad. Make left and follow the signs to Rethymnon and turn left to get to the north national road of Crete. Drive without exiting for the next 30km towards Rethymnon and Heraklion. Before the crossroad to Vryses village there is a bridge and a gas station SHELL on your left hand side. The sign says Vryses and Sfakia and you have to turn right. After 50m make left and drive for about 700m you to get almost at the center of Vryses. Make right at the cross-section opposite to the super market INKA following the sign to Vafes. At 600m from the cross-section the road splits. Keep left and follow the sign to Vafes. After passing a small river bridge you get to long straight road. At 200m on your left there is a small road that leads to the villa’s entrance after a few meters.


There are two roads that lead out of the airport area. One runs parallel and another vertical to the airport building. You have to take the vertical with a sign “Rethymnon 80”. After about 400 m you turn right entering the National Road (highway) marked by green traffic signs for Heraklion/Rethymnon.
For the next 110 km you drive just straight on, following the National Road. The general direction is towards the west side of the island, with the mountains at your left side. Most of the journey is along the northern coast-line.
After passing outside the city of Rethymnon, and about 15km away you will be driving by the sandy long beach of Kavros – Petres with a lot of hotels at both sides of the highway.
Drive straight on passing outside the touristic village of Georgioupolis. The road turns inland. You continue straight on the national road for 4 km. On your right hand you will see the sign to Vryses. Slow down and keep right lane. The road at this point gets wider.
Make right to the exit and drive down slope for 50 m and. Stop at the sign. Turn left and after 100 m pass under a bridge. Keep right at the split
Drive straight on for the next 2 km passing through the cross to Sfakia area. At the end of this road you will be at the center of the village Vryses. Turn right following the small sign “town hall”. After 150m at the first cross you make left to Vafes. A super market “inka” is on the opposite side while the signs to the opposite direction say “town hall” and “kalamitsi 3”
Drive straight for 600 m to the point the road splits. Keep left line to Vafes (the sign to the right direction says Nippos). Pass the small bridge and drive straight on for 200m. At the first alley make left and after a few meters you will be in front of your villa. A small stone build house is on the corner.